What is Chitoi CMS?

Chitoi CMS, a CodeIgniter based light-weight content management system. Chitoi is a famous Bangladeshi cake which is made with rice powder. You can eat it without anything and/or with Vegetable, Sweet, Fish or meat or even with dry-fish. It can be Sour, Chilled, Cold or Hot.

Like Chitoi Pitha (Cake), Chitoi CMS is also fits to your needs - it is a maker of professional website.

Which database is used in Chitoi CMS?

We used CodeIgniter (PHP Framework's) Active Record Class. So, you can use any recognized database in the back-end. Primariliy, we used MySQL database here.

Code is written as Vanilla PHP (raw coding)?

We used light-weight PHP CodeIgniter latest version instead of Vanilla PHP.

Websites made by Chitoi CMS are responsive design?

Back-end is by default responsive design. If you make site with us, then front-end also will be responsive design. Otherwise, you/your designer should design a responsive site for you.

Chitoi CMS is scalable and extendable?

Yes, offcourse it is scalable and extendable. We used here CodeIgniter PHP framework (HMVC). So, you can easily extend it for your needs.

If I want to download Chitoi CMS, how could I download it?

From the "Download" link, you can download the Chitoi CMS latest version.

If I want to develop a site with you, how could I reach you?

Please visit our "Contact Us" page, you will find our Email address, Support Ticket link, and contact number for 24/7 support center. You can visit for more information - Kernel BD Corporation

Is Chitoi CMS search engine optimized?

Yes, offcourse. Chitoi CMS has followed by search engines guide line, such as -

  • Canonical URLs
  • Microdata for Structured Data
  • Proper Meta information
  • Tags for Articale/News/Page
  • Freidnly URL
  • HTML5 layout
  • Errorless HTML, CSS
  • and many more

Our Clients

  • HSG
  • powergraph
  • Datasoft
  • AE Fashion
  • Delta
  • NBR
  • AmeriGreenbag